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Tulum, Mexico

Outsite Tulum

Most people go on a holiday to escape work for a while but there is also a growing number of people that actually combine the two. This group is often called ‘digital nomads’ who can work anywhere there is an internet connection or WiFi hotspot. Typically they travel the world while working remotely in coffee shops, public libraries, or at co-working spaces.

Outsite began in 2016 as an opportunity to create a community for this group of people and offer them co-working and co-living spaces around the world. Currently, they have over 18 locations in popular cities such as, Los Angeles, New York, Lisbon, Bali, and Hawaii. Recently, Outsite opened a new location in Tulum and we really wanted to check this one out.

Outsite Tulum is located on the popular beach road, Zona Hotelera and right across the street from Tulum beach. The property is also located on the edge of the jungle so many of the rooms look right onto it and from the rooftops you have an amazing view over it. These rooftops are also a perfect spot if you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

On the property you will find five buildings. One main building with some bedrooms, a kitchen area and two work areas of which one is a rooftop with a pool. The other four buildings also have rooftops and the remaining bedrooms. The combination of the bohemian aesthetic and traditional Mexican architecture creates a very tranquil vibe as soon as you arrive.

In the room you will find a ceiling fan, ac and a WiFi hotspot and compared to a lot of other places in Tulum the internet is pretty fast. Another great amenity this Outsite location offers is room service! You can call or WhatsApp Loco Tulum, a restaurant next door to serve you breakfast, lunch and/or dinner right to your room!

Do you have the freedom to work for yourself and love to travel and connect with other creatives around the world? Outsite is the perfect place to do this and we really recommend looking into it! Don’t want to work at all during your trip and just want to enjoy the great weather and amazing beach? The Outsite Tulum location will be a perfect place for this as well.




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